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LA Sports Media At Spectrum SportsNet LA’s Baseball Clinic

The Los Angeles Dodgers have long served as a staple of tradition and excellence in the local community. Since 2014, Spectrum SportsNet LA has helped provide a medium between this great organization and their passionate fans by providing exclusive content for each and every game.

Furthermore, the SportsNet LA team has taken the initiative to engage with the community outside of the studio on game days. With the help of Ned Colletti, Nomar Garciaparra, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Josh Hartung, the team hosted their 2017 SportsNet LA Skills Clinic for kids at nearby Darby Park in Inglewood.

The SportsNet LA team was assisted by the Garciaparra Baseball Group (GBG) as they taught the kids the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, throwing, and running the bases. Garciaparra discussed the importance of not only having professional instructors teaching kids the basics but creating a fun environment for them to enjoy the game of baseball.

“What was important was having these kids be taught by professionals,” Garciaparra said. “We got people who really know and can teach from experience. Having people who not only teach from that experience but can relay it down to the kids and that’s what I love about this. But it’s also to make sure you are providing an environment that is conducive to learning and also conducive to fun and enjoyment.”

Hairston Jr. elaborated on Garciaparra’s comments about the benefits of learning the game of baseball from those with experience and how it helped him growing up.

“It helped me learn the game of baseball from other people and get a different perspective,” Hairston Jr. said. “Now I’m very fortunate because my dad played and my grandfather played. I grew up around big league clubhouses but it was always cool to get a unique perspective from other people and I got a chance to see how many people love the game of baseball.”

The kids got their full dose of Big League tips from former high-caliber players like Garciaparra and Hairston Jr. along with a former front office executive like Colletti. Following the clinic, participants also engaged in a delightful Q&A session with the SportsNet LA team to discuss the love of baseball, the hardships of becoming a professional, and alternate routes to the MLB.

Los Angeles has always been a baseball-rich city thanks in part to the sport’s ability to unite players from culturally diverse backgrounds. The Dodgers, along with Spectrum SportsNet LA, continues to help strengthen that unity within the community through America’s favorite pastime.

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