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LA Sports Media At Spectrum SportsNet’s Lakers Night

Launched in October 2012, Spectrum SportsNet (formerly Time Warner Cable SportsNet) has provided Los Angeles sports fans with full coverage of the Lakers, Dodgers, Galaxy and Sparks. For the second consecutive year — and first for LA Sports Media — I received an opportunity to attend Lakers Blogger Night as the team faced the Houston Rockets last week. Unfortunately, the Lakers are no longer undefeated when the bloggers are at the El Segundo, CA studios. If the Lakers were healthy, they would have… yeah, I am getting off-topic.

At last year’s event, the emphasis was on Spectrum SportsNet’s production value where they very much remain ahead of the game. If you are interested in reading about this, here is last year’s recap, which features the 23′ x 7′ Leyard USA LED wall that displays all the highlights and graphics. Along with the studios being a sight to behold, there are rare qualities that separate Spectrum SportsNet from other companies.

Entering the studios, the old Lakers hardwood center court and Emmy Awards were there to greet me. Personally for me, this was the equivalent of being drafted by the Lakers and seeing the championship trophies for the first time. After meeting some staff members along the way to the conference room, it became evident why the company has found so much success in a limited amount of time. All companies strive for this, but Spectrum SportsNet has not only invested in talented people but most importantly, good people as well.

Every Lakers game, fans see Chris ‘Geeter’ McGee, James Worthy, Derek Fisher and Jaime Maggio on their TVs. Watching games with them is an unforgettable experience (even when the Lakers were losing by 40 points that night) and they are as genuine as they come. This may not sound like much, but they all took the time to stop by the conference room in between their breaks to continue the conversation with us. Their effort to connect with us even though they were extremely busy enhanced the overall experience for the second consecutive year.

Overall, this year’s event was much more personal as AJ Ponsiglione (Coordinating Producer), Stacey Mitch (Director of Sports and News), and Joshua Ishoo (Senior Sports Specialist) shared stories about their journeys and what they envision for Spectrum SportsNet moving forward. While some companies would be content with this type of early success, their determination to continue producing the best content possible for fans year in and year out provides a standard for LA Sports Media to look up to.

Since my first visit last year, the company has made major strides with their on-air talent and behind the scenes staff. Spectrum SportsNet continues to invest in good people and their commitment to Los Angeles sports fans has led to success in their four years together.

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